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Partner with us to fund the development of this AI-based approach to crowdsourcing and coaching on organizational feedback. We are seeking early-stage investors to support the launch.  Contact us today! 

People working together to crowdsource and find new meaning in the way we do work

Pulse Check My People is a development web and mobile app that will use intelligent chatbots that learn from crowdsourcing to provide you SMS-based coaching and reports on your people at your notification preference.

You choose the surveys we send the reports.  Take the pulse of yourself or your employee's holistic well-being, check-in on whether you are including them from idea to implementation, incentivize and reward, or just ask 3 questions.  Check out our services page for plans and pricing.

Pulse Check My People, keeps the holistic well-being of you and your company in the palm of your hand at the press of a button. Check on your people, before your people check out on you.  Avoid the great resignation!

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